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Autumn Feasting

Usually when Autumn rolls around, gone are the light, cool dishes of summer and in roll scrumptious warming soups and pies. Alas, this Autumn is quickly becoming one of the warmest in years, so we’ll have to abstain from the warm comfort that cold weather brings, and fill our bellies with a few last delights that a late summer can offer. The dishes that I’ve made today are perfect for a casual gathering of friends, because it provides ample opportunity to choose and pick which delicious morsels of food to tantalize your taste buds.

I’ve created a group of three really yum recipe ideas, that go wonderfully together, or stand up well on their own. Mix and match, it’s completely up to you, but I can guarantee that they will really hit the spot on a hot day!

Chicken and Halloumi skewers with Cherry tomatoes, covered in a Lemon and Mint 

These skewers are such an excellent summer meal. They’re fresh and zesty, with a good burst of added sweetness from the cherry tomatoes, and a gorgeous salty kick from the halloumi cheese.  

Roast Pumpkin and Asparagus salad with Feta and Pear:

This salad is a god send. The flavour combinations are subtle but still manage to make an impact. The saltiness of the feta mixed with the juicy asparagus and sweet pumpkin, topped off with the beautiful crunch of pear, make this salad light and deeply satisfying. Top it off with a simple dressing of olive oil and red wine vinegar, and you have yourself a real winner.

Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips:

Chips, chips glorious chips! This is an excellent take on the humble chip, as we swap out regular ol’  potato for nutrient rich sweet potato. We are also foregoing the deep frying for a much healthier panko bread crumb baked in the oven. These delicious chips are crunchy golden on the outside, and fluffy and sweet on the inside. If these are ticking all the boxes for you, give them a whirl!

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